The CBBA camp is a highly intensive, instructional camp that emphasizes the development of basketball skills rather than team play. Campers will be grouped accordingly and will be led by experienced specialty coaches. The focus of each day is skill development (drills and teaching stations) with live play allowing campers the opportunity to put their skills to work. Attending camp in good physical condition, with a willingness to work hard and a passion to improve your skills is extremely important in order to grow individually through the CBBA. We offer a highly structured, organized camp with little down time that follows the CBBA Teaching Model and prepares campers for live game situations.

For over 4 years, CBBA has been directing one of the Top basketball camps in Broward County! For superior instruction, competition and intensity, you will find no better than CBBA! Our camps offer credentialed, experienced directors and instructors who have worked with and have coached some of the top players in Broward County.

You will find challenging and informative instruction at our camps along with players from a diverse, competitive level from many parts of Broward and Dade Counties, players attend our camps because of the outstanding, professional reputation of our organization.

Because we are dedicated to organizing only the finest “teaching camps” available, stressing many fundamental basketball skills coupled with intense, superior competition, our camp experience is one that is unparalleled in today’s basketball industry. Our goal is to make every participant not only a better prepared, skilled player, but also a better individual. We reinforce accountability, perseverance, dedication, attitude and self-discipline both on and off the court to our students. You will not only reach your personal goals; you’ll exceed them at CBBA!

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